Day 5 and 6 from Photo a day

Day 5. 10 am

Day 6. Dinner


Day 4. A stranger

I think this picture is really fun, It shows you that what kind of weather it is in the Netherlands, we just go on with our bicycle.

More snow!!!

OMG in a few 3 ours of time there was fallen so much snow, I think it was 6 cm.

We went outside and the children went crazy, they loved it so much, they were plaing so sweet, and I enjoyed watching the children playing.

After playing in the cold weather we enjoyed a nice glass of hot chocolat milk with whipped cream.
when the children were warming up, they went playing in the garden.

Here are a few pictures from today

Day 2. Words

And it’s february second allready, the second day of this fantastic callenge and this is my picture for today

Family time, I love it, I love to spend time with my husband and children.

Today was a very, very cold day, in just one night the lake here is almost frozen, they say that there is coming snow.
I love this weather because of the sun and the beautiful blue sky there is when it is so cold.

I wish you all a wonderful evening.

Photo a day

Yes here I am again!

Today I was looking for some nice blogs, and yes I found a few one YAY, I also found a blog from Chantelle called Fat Mum Slim and she is having a challens February

I love taking pictures so Yay, maybe I will learn something from it, from other people enz

This is my picture for today my view, it was my cat Minoes toning he little baby LOL, he is 3 months now

My 365

I love project 365 but I don’t have much time to sit for in and put it all together on the computer.
But now just one week ago I found something and it is really FANTASTIC!!!
I found an app for my IPhone and it is My 365, everyday I take pictures with my mobile so I can place everyday a picture on my 365, I don’t have to sit for it with my laptop and make something beautiful.

I don’t know it is an app for blackberry too, maybe you have to look for it.

On my laptop I do project 65 every sunday, i’m going to sit for it, it is only once a week, that doesn’t costs a lot of my time.
I’m now working on week 3 and 4, I hope it is ready tomorrow.

Do you have great apps? tell me

Have a nice day everyone, big hug from the Netherlands