Day 8. Sun

Everyday the sun is shining with this cold weather, but now??? NO and I had to make a picture of the sun, but in the end of the day there he was the SUN

I am really counting the days, I’m so curious about our foster child, and how it will be, but I really have to wait until next sunday pfff.


Day 4. A stranger

I think this picture is really fun, It shows you that what kind of weather it is in the Netherlands, we just go on with our bicycle.

More snow!!!

OMG in a few 3 ours of time there was fallen so much snow, I think it was 6 cm.

We went outside and the children went crazy, they loved it so much, they were plaing so sweet, and I enjoyed watching the children playing.

After playing in the cold weather we enjoyed a nice glass of hot chocolat milk with whipped cream.
when the children were warming up, they went playing in the garden.

Here are a few pictures from today

Let it SNOW

Yesterday morning when I opend the curtains I saw SNOW.
The kids were so happy, it wasn’t much snow, but Tristan and Inge wanted immediately to go outside to play in the snow LOL.
And now the snow is gone, but it isn’t over yet because this week wil me very cold, at night it will be -12 and by day it wil me -6 degrees, they say we can go ice skating at the end of the week

When this lake is frozen you can ice skating on it, and that is amazing

I was walking in the snow with my very expensive boots, YEAH i’am CRAZY!!!