The two weeks are over

Tomorrow Cynthische is going back home, time has flown, she is not coming back to us because there isn’t a click.
She hits Tristan and Inge, and she is very cheeky.
She even has hitten Inge with a stick.

We did our best with her, I was saying okay let’s try one more time in April, but the children are saying NOOOO!

We are now on the list for a baby.


four kids WOW!

I’m very buzzy right now, my children are having a vacation for one week, and I have ourĀ  foster child Cynthische for 2 weeks in my house, four children WOW so buzzy, but I love it, I have a very beautiful african foster child, she’s living in France.

But she is also very rude and aggressive, she has been beaten Inge with a stick.
And Tristan doesn’t like her at all.
for us it is now very difficult what to do, let her come again to have another try, or do we go for a baby so it really grows with us.
Tristan really wants a baby, Inge likes Cynthische despite being beaten by her.

A very difficult choice because she also can be so sweet, and it is very difficult for her also because she is in a strange country, strange people, it isn’t easy for a two and a half year old girl.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Day 8. Sun

Everyday the sun is shining with this cold weather, but now??? NO and I had to make a picture of the sun, but in the end of the day there he was the SUN

I am really counting the days, I’m so curious about our foster child, and how it will be, but I really have to wait until next sunday pfff.

Foster Child

Faster than we expected, we get a fosterchild, it is a little girl and she is two and a half years, she is coming from France.
She is a black girl with red hair LOL.
We are so happy and can’t wait to meet our “fourth” child.
She only is coming for the holiday’s, she is coming february 19th for 2 weeks, then she comes in april for two weeks, and than in the summer for 9 weeks.
And with christmas from december 23 till january 5th.

When we know more I will tell you.

Have a nice day, A very happy mommy