The two weeks are over

Tomorrow Cynthische is going back home, time has flown, she is not coming back to us because there isn’t a click.
She hits Tristan and Inge, and she is very cheeky.
She even has hitten Inge with a stick.

We did our best with her, I was saying okay let’s try one more time in April, but the children are saying NOOOO!

We are now on the list for a baby.


Foster Child

Faster than we expected, we get a fosterchild, it is a little girl and she is two and a half years, she is coming from France.
She is a black girl with red hair LOL.
We are so happy and can’t wait to meet our “fourth” child.
She only is coming for the holiday’s, she is coming february 19th for 2 weeks, then she comes in april for two weeks, and than in the summer for 9 weeks.
And with christmas from december 23 till january 5th.

When we know more I will tell you.

Have a nice day, A very happy mommy

More snow!!!

OMG in a few 3 ours of time there was fallen so much snow, I think it was 6 cm.

We went outside and the children went crazy, they loved it so much, they were plaing so sweet, and I enjoyed watching the children playing.

After playing in the cold weather we enjoyed a nice glass of hot chocolat milk with whipped cream.
when the children were warming up, they went playing in the garden.

Here are a few pictures from today

My 365

I love project 365 but I don’t have much time to sit for in and put it all together on the computer.
But now just one week ago I found something and it is really FANTASTIC!!!
I found an app for my IPhone and it is My 365, everyday I take pictures with my mobile so I can place everyday a picture on my 365, I don’t have to sit for it with my laptop and make something beautiful.

I don’t know it is an app for blackberry too, maybe you have to look for it.

On my laptop I do project 65 every sunday, i’m going to sit for it, it is only once a week, that doesn’t costs a lot of my time.
I’m now working on week 3 and 4, I hope it is ready tomorrow.

Do you have great apps? tell me

Have a nice day everyone, big hug from the Netherlands

Let it SNOW

Yesterday morning when I opend the curtains I saw SNOW.
The kids were so happy, it wasn’t much snow, but Tristan and Inge wanted immediately to go outside to play in the snow LOL.
And now the snow is gone, but it isn’t over yet because this week wil me very cold, at night it will be -12 and by day it wil me -6 degrees, they say we can go ice skating at the end of the week

When this lake is frozen you can ice skating on it, and that is amazing

I was walking in the snow with my very expensive boots, YEAH i’am CRAZY!!!

I’m back!!!

Hello everyone,

I’m back in blogland.
I deleted my site because I was so busy with everything, I have my own bussiness with a friend and sometimes the bussiness takes a lot of time.
And I want to have this site in English and that also costs a lot of time for me.
But now I’m back!

I also made a facebook special for my friends from other country’s, If you want to you can ask me as a friend there.