Photo a day

Okay, I have a few photo’s for photo a day, I forget to take a pictures from a few day OEPS

Day 9. Front door

Day 10. Self portret

Day 11. Makes you happy

Well offcourse the children makes me happy, BUT I allready placed so much pictures of them, I took a picture from something else what makes me happy, and that is al the yummie food!!!

Day 13. Blue

Day 14. Heart I made this with my daughter Inge, she is 6 years old and totally in love with Stef, and yes he is in love with her too, it is so sweet



Day 8. Sun

Everyday the sun is shining with this cold weather, but now??? NO and I had to make a picture of the sun, but in the end of the day there he was the SUN

I am really counting the days, I’m so curious about our foster child, and how it will be, but I really have to wait until next sunday pfff.

Day 7. Button

I was thinking, a button what is nice too photograph? you have so many buttons LOL

This evening my husband was playing op de playstation and then I tought yes that is what I want to photograph, but it isn’t a great picture grrrr.

Day 2. Words

And it’s february second allready, the second day of this fantastic callenge and this is my picture for today

Family time, I love it, I love to spend time with my husband and children.

Today was a very, very cold day, in just one night the lake here is almost frozen, they say that there is coming snow.
I love this weather because of the sun and the beautiful blue sky there is when it is so cold.

I wish you all a wonderful evening.