My 365

I love project 365 but I don’t have much time to sit for in and put it all together on the computer.
But now just one week ago I found something and it is really FANTASTIC!!!
I found an app for my IPhone and it is My 365, everyday I take pictures with my mobile so I can place everyday a picture on my 365, I don’t have to sit for it with my laptop and make something beautiful.

I don’t know it is an app for blackberry too, maybe you have to look for it.

On my laptop I do project 65 every sunday, i’m going to sit for it, it is only once a week, that doesn’t costs a lot of my time.
I’m now working on week 3 and 4, I hope it is ready tomorrow.

Do you have great apps? tell me

Have a nice day everyone, big hug from the Netherlands