four kids WOW!

I’m very buzzy right now, my children are having a vacation for one week, and I have our  foster child Cynthische for 2 weeks in my house, four children WOW so buzzy, but I love it, I have a very beautiful african foster child, she’s living in France.

But she is also very rude and aggressive, she has been beaten Inge with a stick.
And Tristan doesn’t like her at all.
for us it is now very difficult what to do, let her come again to have another try, or do we go for a baby so it really grows with us.
Tristan really wants a baby, Inge likes Cynthische despite being beaten by her.

A very difficult choice because she also can be so sweet, and it is very difficult for her also because she is in a strange country, strange people, it isn’t easy for a two and a half year old girl.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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